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Special Recommendations

Vina Echeverria is wholly owned by the Echeverria family and their wines are made entirely from their own grapes, from their own vineyards. They are established in the town of Molina, in the Curico Valley in the heart of Chile. Their wines are bottled on the state. Great care is taken with overall vineyard management and this helps to ensure balance, ripening and consistency of the grapes throughout the estates so that quality is assured

ECHEVERRIA SAUVIGNON BLANC RESERVA The ripple style of this variety from Echeverria lends itself well to oak ageing. It is a full flavoured wine with the oak well integrated and harmonious £ 17.50
ECHEVERRIA MERLOT RESERVA The wine is full of ripe juicy and soft Meriot character, with lovely intensity and a very long finish £ 16.95